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Are you suffering from mold in your home or work place? can help you learn more about mold and how our services can help you to become Mold Free!

                                                    What is Mold?
Molds are part of the fungus family and there are hundreds of them!  Luckily, there are only about 20 which are commonly found in households. 

                                                    Why  Mold Test?
A mold test is the first and often the most important step in addressing mold concerns.  Once the results of a certified mold assessment are acquired, a homeowner or resident can make a more informed decision on how to treat any problem areas.

                                                >>Health Concerns<<
Often clients complain of deterioration in their health when requesting a mold test.  If you are experiencing hayfever, headaches, sneezing, rashes, and/or asthma, these conditions may be linked to mold exposure. will perform the tests to assess if such symptoms are connected to mold exposure.

                         Mold testing is important in determining many factors
First, the type of mold(s) present can be identified based on a mold test.   Although there are hundreds of different molds, some are more common to indoor environments and others to outdoor environments.  Certain molds contain a mycotoxin, which if disturbed can a release mold spores into the air, which can later be inhaled into our lungs and enter the bloodstream.

The second important factor is to determine the levels of mold indoors as compared with the air outdoors. After mold testing and sampling is completed, the lab report will confirm if elevated or non elevated mold conditions exist indoors.  This will help to determine if mold was a contributing factor.  

                                           What happens after the Mold Test
After mold testing and sampling is completed, the approved environmental lab will issue a Certificate of Mold Analysis which can be later used to determine the type of mold or molds present.  This analysis will also explain the level of mold(s) and potential health risks associated with each type of mold present.

This information may further assist in determining if remediation is necessary. Remediation can be costly and this is why it is imperative to have mold testing done first in order to assess the need for remediation which may or may not be necessary.  It also helps to assist the remediator in determining amount of work that has to be done and costs involved.  An inspection and mold testing done by a non-remediation company removes a potential conflicht of interest by having the same company mold test and then remediate. 


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